Antonio Garden

Welcome to Our Garden!

The first garden built by Camarillo Community Gardens is the Antonio Garden, at Antonio and Ponderosa. This 1/4 acre garden is near Pleasant Valley Hospital. Click the image below for a closer view… The land is provided to us by the Pleasant Valley Mutual Water Company who also provide us with the water and hook up. Without their assistance, this would still be nothing more than the dry vacant lot we started with.

Community Gardeners

Community Gardeners

This garden is now in entering its third year of production, plot assignments are filled and there is still a waiting list of new gardeners. The garden has produced incredibly well considering its humble starting condition.

Antonio Garden Aerial View

Here is where we started out… Our gardeners, volunteers and donors (sometimes both) provided us the drive, land and money we needed to create this little oasis.

The first movie below shows the site from day 1, when we broke ground on a vacant lot and follows building the garden.

The second movie shows the Antonio Garden as it was in July, a mere 9 months later. By the time this video was made, the garden had produced three crop rotations and produced hundred of pounds of fresh organic vegetables.

And here it was another 6 weeks later…

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