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How to install a drip irrigation system and other topics…

I am going to list a number of references that have instructional value. These may be links to text pages, movies, podcasts, or other sources.

A couple of books to get you started?

How about Owen Dell’s ‘Sustainable Landscaping for Dummies‘? Owen gives you lots of landscaping ideas for sustainable and healthy, low-impact garden designs.

Joe Lamp’l has a similar book, “The Green Gardener’s Guide: Simple Significant Actions to Save and Preserve Our Planet“. Joe lists some very simple to implement actions, that you can take today, to reduce your water and energy comsumption, and  he backs it up with numbers showing how much impact we, as gardeners, can have across the nation.

Drip Irrigation System

Drip Irrigation System

One of the big impacts we can have as gardeners is how much – or how little – water we use. I have been saving a lot of water while getting better moisture zones in my garden. I use a combination of raised beds which concentrate the best growing medium, drip tapes with emitters molded in every 12″ and an over-layer of mulch to insulate the soil from the drying effects of the sun and wind.

Read my article on “How to install a drip irrigation system” here.

pressure regulator

I have compiled some other reources , such as a list of recommended vegetable varieties for southern California, a chart showing when to plant veggies, and a page of plant disease symptoms and their causes.

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