When to Plant Veggies


When to Plant Veggies

The following list shows planting times for common vegetable crops. The two sets of planting dates are for coastal regions (Camarillo, Oxnard) and the interior (Thousand Oaks, Ojai). Where there are two possible crops per year, planting dates are separated with';’. No matter what zone you live in, see the video demo on my Garden Planning software review page.

Name Plant date
Plant date
to plant
Artichoke May-July July Cool 3-4 plants 48″
Asparagus Jan-Feb Jan-Feb Cool 30-40 plants 12″
Beans, Lima May-Jun May-Jun Warm 15′-30′ row 6″
Beans, Snap March-August, Ap-may;
Warm 15′-25′ row 3″ (bush)
24″ (pole)
Beets Jan-Sep Feb-Apr;Aug Cool 10′-15′ row 18″
Broccoli Jun-Jul
Cool 6′-10′ row 12″-18″
Brussels Sprouts Jun-Jul —– Cool 15′-20′ row 24″
Cabbage Aug-Feb Jul;Feb Cool 10-15 plant 24″
Cabbage, Chinese Aug-Octb Aug Cool 10′-15′ row 6″
other melons
Apr-May Apr-Jun Warm 5-10 hills 12″
Carrots Jan-Sep Aug-Sep;
Cool 10′-25′ row 2″
Cauliflower Jul-Oct
Jul-Aug Cool 10-15 plants 24″
Celery Apr-Aug Jun-Aug Cool 20′-30′ row 5″
Chard Feb-May Feb-Aug Cool 3-4 plants 12″
Chayote Apr-May Apr-Jun Warm 1-2 plants 72″
Chives Feb-Apr Cool 1 clump
Corn, sweet Mar-Jul Feb-Mar Warm 4 rows x 20′-30′ 12″
Cucumbers Apr-Jun Apr-Jul Warm 6 plants 24″
Eggplant Apr-May Apr-May Warm 4-6 plants 18″
Endive Dec-Aug Jan-Apr
Cool 10′-15′ row 10″
Fennel Feb-Jul Aug Cool 10′-15′ row 4″
Garlic Oct-Dec Oct-Dec Cool 10′-20′ row 3″
Kale, Aug-Oct Aug-Sep Cool 10′ row 18″-4″
Kohlrabi Jan;
Aug Cool 10′-15′ row 3″
Leeks Jan-Apr Jan-Apr Cool 10′ row 2″
Lettuce Aug-Apr Aug;
Cool 10-15′ row,
or 5’/month
Mustard Aug-Feb Aug; Apr Cool 10′ row 8″
Okra Apr-May May Warm 10′-20′ row 18″
Onions (bulb) Feb-Mar Nov=Mar Cool 30′-40′ row 3″
Onions (green) All Year Aug-dec Cool
Parsely Mar-Jul Dec-May Cool 1-2 plants 8″
Parsnips Mar-Jul Dec-May Cool 10′-15′ row 3″
Peas Aug;
Cool 30′-40′ row 2″
Peppers Apr-May May Warm 5-10 plants 24″
Potatoes,sweet Apr-May Apr-Jun Warm 50′-100′ row 12″
Potatoes. white Feb-May;
Warm 50′-100′ row 12″
Pumpkins May-Jun May-Jun Warm 1-3 Plants 48″
Radish All Year Sep-Apr Cool 4′ row 1″
Rhubarb Dec-Jan dec-Jan Cool 2-3 plants 36″
Rutabaga Jul-Sep;
Jul-Sep;Aug-Mar Cool 10′-15′ row 3″
Spinach Aug-Mar Sep-Jan Cool 10′-20′ row 3″
Squash, summer Apr-Jun Apr-Jul Warm 2-4 plants 24″
Squash,winter Apr-Jun Apr-Jun Warm 2-4 plants 24″
Tomatoes Apr-July15 Apr-May Warm 6-12 plants 18″-36″
Turnips Jan Feb;Aug Cool 10′-15′ row 2″
Watermelon Apr-Jun Apr-Jun Warm 6 plants 60″


Software Review

I’m taking advantage of the free trial of the Crop Planning software at GrowVeg.com. It’s an easy-to-use way to plan your garden. You simply set your frost dates, and the program calculates seed sowning and planting dates for you. I’ve put a video review of the program here.

It has a simple drawing program to draw your garden. Next, drag and drop crops to your rows, and pull them to length. Reports show you how many plants you need, distance between, and detailed crop infomation is a click away. You can  print your garden plan, plant list and calendar of gardening tasks.

You are able to create a new planting plan for the next year or next season. Create a new plan from an old one, and the program will warn you if you are not doing proper crop rotation! Very cool. An added surprise comes when a garden task is due – you can choose to get an e-mail reminder of monthly tasks!  You can try it for free. It’s fun and easy to use.

Click the banner below to try the garden planning software – for free

Online Garden Planning Tool

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