Garden Design Ideas

Now that we have garden beds, here are some garden design ideas to get you thinking about what to plant. Most of the designs I found on the net don’t really work for us – they are too general, based on some other climate, or entirely the wrong size. Here are a few with some merit.

4x4squarefootgardenHere is a plan for a square foot garden. The idea is to lay your garden out in 1′ x 1′ sections and plant each section with a different plant.

For other information on square foot gardens you might try the (self-proclaimed) ‘official’ square foot garden web site (warning, Mel has a lot of stuff for sale – this may cloud his judgment). He does lay out some good arguments for this type of garden. There is also a square foot demo garden at the Hansen Agricultural Center in Santa Paula.

Sunset magazine has an article on small-scale gardens here. There are some good ideas, and, as per Sunset’s usual standards, all are gorgeous…

Below is a video montage with some killer square foot and other community garden structures. The movie shows construction of beds, trellises and follows the garden through its first year. It has some really nice looking beds and great veggies to boot!

Another source of garden plan ideas is Renee’s Garden. She has a 3-season garden layout that works here. It is a rather odd size for us, but has a good selection of plants for each season. Click the picture to open the pdf file…


This pdf is from Renee’s resources page, located here…

This plan (actually, a whole season of plans) is for a slightly larger are than our family plot and feeds a family of four. It has a lot of good ideas for your consideration. These plans are drawn by the test garden managers and reflect their experience with these veggies.

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